Surgery Life Enhancement

Surgery Life Enhancement penis enlargement was created in 2015 to enhance Total Life Enhancement. Surgery Life has been the best go to resource for graphical images and video depictions of penis enlargement surgeries, PMMA penile girth procedures, and natural male enhancement techniques such as penis weight hanging, jelqing, and penis pumping.

Surgery Life Enhancement in the Media

Surgery Life Enhancement’s Phallocare has been featured on the British Broadcasting Channel’s (BBC) documentary, My Penis and Everyone Else’s. The phalloplasty documentary film was created by Lawrence Barraclough and has aired several times on the BBC and BBC3.

More recently, Surgery Life Enhancement was featured on the Univision Primer Impacto Spanish Network. The video highlighted our doctor’s qualifications to provide nonsurgical girth thickening and penis enlargement surgery. The news segment highlighted the importance of choosing a qualified physician that specializes in phalloplasty and injectable penile fillers.

The Univision broadcast of Consequences of Cosmetic Surgery of the Genitals, aired in 2015 and considered Surgery LIFE Enhancement to be among the leading male enhancement authorities in the world. The Univision Primer Impacto segment, Consequences of Cosmetic Surgery of the Genitals, is available in its’ entirety at: Univision – Consequences of Cosmetic Surgery of the Genitals.

Before & After Penis Enlargement on SLE

Viewer discretion is advised… Surgery Life Enhancement boasts thousands of before and after penis enlargement videos and photos that span over 20 years. This has provided an invaluable resource for men considering male enhancement, as well as, other phalloplasty doctors, urologists, and plastic surgeons. To view more about Surgery Life Enhancement before and after photos and videos, visit: Before and After Penis Enlargement.

Penis Enlargement Training Programs

A key component of Surgery Life Enhancement is Phallocare Male Enhancement Training Programs for Men. Phallocare is the brainchild of MaleBridge, and amongst the original creators of vacuum penis weight devices and stretchers. MaleBridge specifically provided physiotherapy training and equipment for postoperative phalloplasty patients. Phallocare has since evolved to include male enhancement services for all men with Surgery Life Enhancement direct services.

Penis Pumping Prior to Enlargement Procedures

Dan Salas, the co-creator of Phallocare, has been involved with male enhancement since the mid-nineties. Dan’s contributions to preparing men for male enhancement procedures have been recognized worldwide. Dan has witnessed first hand the importance of pumping and stretching prior to phalloplasty, or PMMA penile girth thickening procedures.

Penis pumping helps prepare the penis and shaft skin to accommodate the large increase in volume introduced with added PMMA or phalloplasty grafts. Surgery Life Enhancement is an Official Bathmate Distributor and provides the complete Hydromax Series.

Surgery Life Enhancement Forums

Surgery Life Enhancement opened a direct and interactive line to men researching surgical and non-surgical solutions for male enhancement with the inclusion of SLE Male Enhancement Forums. As of February 2016, Surgery Life Enhancement Forums boast over 20,000 members worldwide. This level of interaction and sharing of penis enlargement is priceless.