Non-Surgical PMMA Girth Procedure

Total Life Enhancement provides a non-surgical girth procedure using a permanent filler called Polymethylmethacrylate, or PMMA. PMMA consists of microspheres suspended within a collagen matrix.

The Polymethylmethacrylateis and collagen filler is injected under the penile shaft skin utilizing a specialized cannula. The injected PMMA is aesthetically shaped along the entire length of the penile shaft.

Over the next several weeks, the collagen matrix will absorb naturally by your body. During this process the body will react to the remaining PMMA microspheres and form a natural and permanent collagenous tissue surrounding each individual microsphere of injected PMMA.

Once the healing phase is complete, PMMA girth enhancement procedures results in penis size gains that will look, feel, and function as it did before the procedure, except it will now be significantly thicker. PMMA girth thickening is permanent and does not require follow up procedures to maintain size gains achieved. Multiple sessions are only performed for patients who desire larger girth increases.

PMMA Girth Thickening · Methodology

In the following video the plastic surgeon performs the PMMA non-surgical girth thickening procedure from start to finish. The PMMA penile outpatient procedure takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete. The following video is time lapsed to highlight the major aspects of this penis enlargement procedure.

The PMMA procedure video is narrated by Dan Salas the co-creator of the graphical version of TLE, Surgery Life Enhancement and the augmentation video provides you a current representation of what to expect during your own PMMA girth thickening procedure.

Gains from PMMA Girth Thickening

Penile erect circumference gains from PMMA varies depending on the volume of filler injected. Total Life Enhancement provides PMMA options ranging from 30cc’s to 80cc’s of the injectable filler. Typical erect circumference gains of .5-1.25 inches respectively are routinely achieved.

Official Provider of Meta-Crill® PMMA

Total Life Enhancement utilizes medical grade PMMA that has been held to the highest standards of manufacturing under the strict regulations of the ANVISA Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency, and officially registered with the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk, or COFEPRIS. The Anvisa Federal Comission, and the COFEPRIS Agency together are equivalent to the FDA in the United States.

Official Meta-Crill® Product Provider Registration PDF
Official Meta-Crill® Product Provider Registration PDF

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    I am very interested in the PMMA Girth Thickening procedure. What are your rates? Do you charge for a visit or a consult before the procedure? What is the recuperation time? How long is the procedure? Can I leave home the same day? Are there any side effects? Do you offer any type of payment plan?

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