Muscle Site Enhancement

Muscle site enhancement is available with the permanent filler PMMA. PMMA is injected into the desired muscle to increase the size and improve the aesthetics of the selected muscle region.

TLE muscle enhancement is available as an outpatient procedure and performed exclusively at our state of the art Terra Nova surgery center. Men are administered general anesthesia by a dedicated certified anesthesiologist professional.

A cannula is utilized to apply the PMMA filler during the bioplasty medical procedure. Large muscle groups such as the pectoralis major and Latissimus dorsi muscles require larger volumes of PMMA for successful enhancement, typically requiring a minimum of 125cc per muscle site.

Muscle sites requiring larger PMMA volumes generally take 2 to 2.5 hours to procedure completion.

For smaller muscle groups such as the biceps, calves, and penis PMMA, volumes of 30cc to 80cc are utilized for successful muscle building and aesthetic enhancement.

PMMA Injections Enhance Men’s Bodybuilding Achievements

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