Muscle Site Enhancement

Muscle site enhancement is available with the permanent filler PMMA. PMMA is injected into the desired muscle to increase the size and improve the aesthetics of the selected muscle region.

TLE muscle enhancement is available as an outpatient procedure and performed exclusively at our state of the art Terra Nova surgery center. Men are administered general anesthesia by a dedicated certified anesthesiologist professional.

A cannula is utilized to apply the PMMA filler during the bioplasty medical procedure. Large muscle groups such as the pectoralis major and Latissimus dorsi muscles require larger volumes of PMMA for successful enhancement, typically requiring a minimum of 125cc per muscle site.

Muscle sites requiring larger PMMA volumes generally take 2 to 2.5 hours to procedure completion.

For smaller muscle groups such as the biceps, calves, and penis PMMA, volumes of 30cc to 80cc are utilized for successful muscle building and aesthetic enhancement.

PMMA Injections Enhance Men’s Bodybuilding Achievements

Non-Surgical PMMA Girth Procedure

Total Life Enhancement provides a non-surgical girth procedure using a permanent filler called Polymethylmethacrylate, or PMMA. PMMA consists of microspheres suspended within a collagen matrix.

The Polymethylmethacrylateis and collagen filler is injected under the penile shaft skin utilizing a specialized cannula. The injected PMMA is aesthetically shaped along the entire length of the penile shaft.

Over the next several weeks, the collagen matrix will absorb naturally by your body. During this process the body will react to the remaining PMMA microspheres and form a natural and permanent collagenous tissue surrounding each individual microsphere of injected PMMA.

Once the healing phase is complete, PMMA girth enhancement procedures results in penis size gains that will look, feel, and function as it did before the procedure, except it will now be significantly thicker. PMMA girth thickening is permanent and does not require follow up procedures to maintain size gains achieved. Multiple sessions are only performed for patients who desire larger girth increases.

PMMA Girth Thickening · Methodology

In the following video the plastic surgeon performs the PMMA non-surgical girth thickening procedure from start to finish. The PMMA penile outpatient procedure takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete. The following video is time lapsed to highlight the major aspects of this penis enlargement procedure.

The PMMA procedure video is narrated by Dan Salas the co-creator of the graphical version of TLE, Surgery Life Enhancement and the augmentation video provides you a current representation of what to expect during your own PMMA girth thickening procedure.

Gains from PMMA Girth Thickening

Penile erect circumference gains from PMMA varies depending on the volume of filler injected. Total Life Enhancement provides PMMA options ranging from 30cc’s to 80cc’s of the injectable filler. Typical erect circumference gains of .5-1.25 inches respectively are routinely achieved.

Official Provider of Meta-Crill® PMMA

Total Life Enhancement utilizes medical grade PMMA that has been held to the highest standards of manufacturing under the strict regulations of the ANVISA Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency, and officially registered with the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk, or COFEPRIS. The Anvisa Federal Comission, and the COFEPRIS Agency together are equivalent to the FDA in the United States.

Official Meta-Crill® Product Provider Registration PDF
Official Meta-Crill® Product Provider Registration PDF

Male Enhancement Surgery

Penis lengthening surgery involves dividing the suspensory ligament from the pubic symphysis and releasing the inner penis. Many phalloplasty techniques for lengthening implement a surgical incision located in the suprapubic region to access the suspensory ligament.

This outdated technique creates another barrier the penis must overcome to successfully extend the inner penis. Total Life Enhancement utilizes a scrotal, and stealth incision that moves this scar barrier away from the extending penis.

Permanent erect girth can also be accomplished with penis enlargement surgery. Methods to increase penile circumference are available using dermal tissue, or from donor graft matrices such as Belladerm® acellular hydrated dermis. Penile widening phalloplasty is a patient intensive procedure, but yields much larger size gains than available permanent girth injections utilizing PMMA.

Lengthening Surgery · Methodology

For most men, 30-40% of their penis is considered the inner penis and does not extend forward for usable length. For several decades urological surgeons divided the suspensory ligament via an incision just above the penis in the suprapubic and base region of the penis shaft.

This transverse, or V-Y plasty technique placed a scar directly in the region that obstructs physical and visual elongation of the penis. Moving the scar totally away from the penis greatly increased the success rate with post-surgical penile length gains. The scrotal incision also provides a stealthier result. After the healing phase is complete, the scrotal incision will be practically invisible.

To provide the most effective ligamentolysis, the penis and suspensory ligament is operated on in the erect state. This is accomplished with Caverject® injection. Once the erection is achieved, penile traction is applied harnessing a vacuum controlled traction device. This device stretches the erect penis during the operation, further extending the inner penis.

Surgical Penis Lengthening Size Gains

For decades penis lengthening surgery has been coupled with hanging penis weights, or use of a penile extender to further advance the inner penis after surgery. Total Life Enhancement penile lengthening surgery provides .75-2.5 additional inches in flaccid and erect penis length. The phalloplasty lengthening surgery is accompanied with an advanced post surgical training program that specifically limits penis traction and penis weights use.

Penis Widening Surgery · Methodology

Dermal grafting involves harvesting viable tissue, not free fat transfer, or FFT. The dermal tissue is typically utilized from the gluteal folds, the “love handles” region, or may be coupled with a tummy tuck. The graft is inserted via a reverse furlough inserter and no incision is made behind the glans. For a graphical explanation of the dermal widening surgery visit: Penis Enlargement Surgery with Dermal Grafts (Graphic).

Gains from Phalloplasty Penis Widening

Men can expect to gain a customized girth of 1-2.5 inches of added erect penile circumference with the autologous dermal grafts. Belladerm grafting provides approximately .75-1.25 inches of additional erect girth with the donor acellular dermal matrix tissue. The substantial gains, smooth aesthetics, and permanent results are all reasons men opt for the ultimate echelon of male enhancement with penis enlargement surgery.