Male Enhancement Clinic

Welcome to Total Life Enhancement the Premier Clinic for Male Enhancement Surgery, Non-Surgical PMMA Girth Enlargement, and Muscle Augmentation with Site Injections. Total Life Enhancement was created over twenty years ago exclusively for men. TLE is a recognized clinic respected by Urologists, Plastic Surgeons, and Phalloplasty Doctors internationally. Providing state-of-the-art penile enlargement surgery, non-surgical PMMA girth augmentation, and PMMA muscle site injections. TLE is for the modern man and has been keeping men on point in this competitive world for over 20 years!

Total Life Enhancement Complete Male Enhancement

Men can enhance their entire physique, not just their penis. PMMA muscle site augmentation has been utilized by world champion professional bodybuilders, and by hundreds of men looking for that edge that can’t be achieved at the Gym due to maturing age and hormone levels. Total Life Enhancement penis enlargement surgery and nonsurgical injectable fillers add permanent inches to your penis length and thickness. The same is accomplished with a PMMA holistic approach for muscle site augmentation.

Male Enhancement Surgery

Penile enlargement surgery is one of the only accepted methods for male enhancement by the medical and urological community. Total Life Enhancement phalloplasty is performed by our world renown plastic surgeon in a state of the art, accredited surgical center. Phalloplasty increases the length and girth of the erect penis. Phalloplasty is a permanent solution for men that want to change their penis size. Total Life Enhancement only performs penile lengthening and widening penis enlargement surgery as independent procedures. Performing Penis lengthening and penis widening techniques independently provides men with optimal results in both penis length and penis girth that last a lifetime. Read more about penis enlargement surgery

PMMA Non-Surgical Penis Girth Procedure

Non Surgical PMMA erect girth thickening is a viable alternative to penis enlargement surgical methods for girth enhancement. PMMA girth enhancement is permanent and adds .5 to 1.25 inches of erect penile circumference. Penile girth gains are dependent on the amount of PMMA volume injected and the penis capacity to accommodate the injected filler. PMMA is injected with a specialized cannula between the erectile columns and the penile shaft skin. Injected PMMA, or Polymethylmethacrylateis microspheres, are then surrounded by your owns body’s collagenous tissue that surrounds each and every microsphere of PMMA. Read more about PMMA penis enlargement

Muscle Site PMMA Injections

Men now have the opportunity to completely transform their total body. PMMA injections for muscle site augmentation adds inches to your muscular physique. Men can choose from a variety of muscle groups to enhance. Read more about PMMA Muscle Site Augmentation

Surgery Life Enhancement Penis Enlargement

For an updated graphical version of Total Life Enhancement, Surgery Life Enhancement was created to vividly enhance TLE. SLE encompasses the complete surgical and non-surgical aspects of male enhancement through social media, enlargement videos, and an interactive penis enlargement forum for all men, regardless of penis size! Surgery Life Enhancement and Phallocare Penis Enlargement, the Male Enhancement Trainers, have been featured on BBC television, Playboy Magazine, and the OCWeekly. Surgery LIFE Enhancement’s Dan Salas will be featured in an upcoming HBO documentary that begins filming in Tijuana, B.C. Mexico, March 2016. Read more about Surgery Life Enhancement